Four Benefits of Dental Implants

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Do you have missing teeth that make you feel self conscious and make it difficult to enjoy your favorite foods? Missing teeth can be caused by many things including an injury to the tooth, an infection in the tooth, or simply having them pulled because of pain. Fortunately, with dentures, or dental implants, you can fill in your missing teeth areas. Dental implants can be very beneficial, providing you with the following advantages.

A fuller smile that makes you feel comfortable

Almost all adults (99.7%) surveyed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry believe a healthy smile is socially important. Missing teeth can affect your social relationships by making you feel self conscious when around other people. It can also affect career success, by reducing confidence levels. Additionally, people with missing teeth are less likely to speak up and share their professional opinion. Full dentures or even partial dentures can replace these missing teeth areas and give the patient a fuller smile that makes them feel comfortable.

Protection of the gums

Your teeth play an important part in protecting your gums. When you have missing teeth, the gums are exposed and are at a greater risk of damage. The gums can easily be damaged by hot foods, sharp edges, and even regular chewing. The gums are made of soft tissue and when they become exposed, bacteria can easily enter into the body, thus also increasing bodily infections. Filling these open spaces can protect the gums and fill the open spaces.

Better eating ability

Your teeth are also important for eating. When you have missing teeth, it can be difficult to fully break down the foods you enjoy. In fact, you could even be limited to softer foods of liquefied foods because you are unable to break down foods like steak or pork. One of the most valuable benefits of dental implants is that you are able to eat your favorite foods again. This can contribute to the high number of dental rates, with 3 million people currently having some type of dental implants and that number is constantly growing by 500,000 a year.

Advantages to your facial features

Cosmetic surgical procedures have increased over the years because more and more people care about the appearance of their face. They get surgery to remove fine lines and wrinkles. When you are missing teeth, your face is pulled over your mouth and it can lead to increased wrinkle lines. The face is designed to properly cover the mouth and when changes are made, the skin can be affected. You can avoid these symptoms of aging by filling in the missing tooth areas with general dentistry dental implants.

How to decide if dentures are right for you

Generally speaking, dentures have very high of success rates. Scientific literature suggests that dental implants have a success rate of 98%. To find out if dentures are right with you, you will want to consult with your local dentist. Most general dentistry offices offer dental implants as one of their services. In some cases, your general dentistry procedures, including dentures, are also covered by your insurance.

Millions of Americans deal with missing teeth. When you are missing teeth, it can be more difficult to eat certain types of foods, you might feel uncomfortable smiling, and your career success can be affected because of lower confidence levels. With general dentistry practices, you can replace those missing tooth areas with dentures. Dentures have proven to be very successful for many dental patients and they can completely turn around your smile.

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