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When Was the Last Time That You Went to the Dentist?


The purpose of general dentistry is to help individuals maintain good dental hygiene and to make sure that their teeth last as long as possible. From the top dentists who have waiting lists for new patients, to the brand new general dentistry that has just opened up, cleaning teeth and teaching their patients the best practices in oral health care is a valuable service.
Whether you are considering getting implants from a dentist who has worked with your family for years or you are just now in the process of getting back in the habit of going to the dentist, the doctor and the office that you select will help determine the amount of success that you have. Implants, for instance, may be a common practice at the office where you visit, but other offices might send all of their implant patients to another office. Making sure that you ask all of the questions that you have can help you have the best possible smile, while at the same time have a professional to turn to in the case of an emergency.
Consider these facts and figures about the dental industry and increasingly long list of services that they provide:

  • A great smile helps you be confident when you meet a new potential boss or friend. People who are embarrassed of their smiles rarely come across as those who are confident in their smiles.
  • Have you ever had an implant before? If so, you are not alone. In fact, 3 million people have implants and that number is continues to grow by as much as 500,000 a year.
  • Estimates indicate that 25% of adults do not brush their teeth twice a day.
  • An even larger percentage, 33% of men do not brush their teeth twice a day.
  • Lifestyles, including the kinds of foods you eat and the beverages you drink, help determine the health and appearance of your teeth.
  • The appointments that you set at your dentist are important to make sure that you get in the regular habit of making your oral hygiene an important part of your routine.
  • Half of adults in America say they visit their dentist every six months.
  • Yearly, or twice yearly, checkups help you keep your teeth and your smile looking their best.
  • SSpecifically for patients who are otherwise nervous, anxious, or downright scared of a visit to the dentist, sedation dentistry is an increasingly popular offering for many Americans.
  • Most people believe that a healthy smile is an asset. In fact, 99.7% of all adults surveyed indicate that they believe a healthy smile is socially important.
  • Instead of hiding behind your embarrassing smile, maybe it is time you made an appointment to start seeing what changes you can make.
  • Let a dentist help you keep your teeth clean and your smile looking great.
  • Estimates indicate that as 15% of Americans are anxious about, or fearful of, going to the dentist.

It should come as no surprise that A HEALTHY SMILE is an asset in today’s world. The first step toward having the smile that you deserve is making sure that you make and keep regular dental office visits.

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