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How Do You Chance Ema Dental Appliance Straps?

If Someone has a problem with snoring or sleep apnea, they must find a solution. In this video, one of those solutions is discussed. Snoring and sleep apnea result in poor oxygen exchange during the time a person is sleeping. This lack of oxygen can make the person sleepy during the day.

An orthodontist may prescribe EMA dental appliance straps. These straps fit on a clear tooth aligner, intended to move the jaw forward to help prevent the possibility of snoring.

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The straps come in 9 different sizes; each provides more intense pressure on the gums as time passes.

In the video, the narrator shows how to know if the strap needs to be changed. There are little holes at both ends of each of the straps. When those holes become oblong (instead of round), the straps have exerted too much pressure on them, and it is time to change them.

To change the strap, the user must place the strap under warm water to make it flexible. Then, they put the holes over the hooks at the outer edges of the clear aligner. After the hooks are in the holes, the aligner is placed over the teeth. This action will allow the jaw to protrude – little by little – so that the user will not snore.

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