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Common Dental Emergencies

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Dental emergencies are injuries to your mouth caused by infection or trauma. There are multiple types of emergency dental injuries, but each one can be taken care of by your dentist.

1. Toothaches

Toothaches have multiple causes. Bruxism, dental decay, infection, or abscesses are all risk factors for toothaches.

Toothaches are treated with tooth extraction and a root canal, and cannot be healed solely through antibiotics.

2. Fractured Tooth

Fractured teeth can occur after trauma, such as falling or being struck in the face. Treatments include a filling, crown, or root canal. If the fracture is deemed non-restorable, the tooth must be extracted and a dental implant or other prostheses will be put in to replace it.

3. Displaced, or Luxated, Tooth

A displaced tooth is also caused by trauma. The displaced tooth is splinted to other teeth with mesh wiring to move it back into place.

4. Lost Tooth

A lost tooth is not an emergency for children, but for adults, it won’t grow back. The tooth needs to be manually replaced or substituted for a dental prosthetic.

5. Infection

A tooth infection that leads to swelling or secondary infection in the head, face, or neck is quite serious. Antibiotics are used to treat it, potentially in combination with surgical drainage.

Dental emergencies need to be taken seriously. If you are experiencing symptoms, contact a medical professional immediately.



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