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Why Should You Get Clear Braces?

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Clear braces are an alternative to traditional braces that you might not have heard about. Keep reading to learn about them and why you might want to choose them to align your teeth.

Traditional braces have metal brackets that go on the front of your teeth. You may also need rubber bands to pull your teeth back depending on the severity of the misalignment.

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With clear or ceramic braces, the brackets are clear, so the only thing visible is the small metal wire that runs along with your teeth.

You might wonder why you shouldn’t get clear aligners. They are fully clear and don’t involve the metal wire. Sometimes, aligners aren’t strong enough to correct teeth that are severely misaligned. This is why your dentist would recommend traditional braces. Aligners also require cleaning and upkeep, and you have to keep them in 20 hours a day between eating. With clear braces, they will always remain on your teeth.

Watch this video to learn more about clear braces and how they can benefit your smile. Then, ask your dentist about their recommendation for an orthodontist and for which type of braces you should use. You’ll only be happier when you go forward with fixing your smile.


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