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What Can I Expect During a Dental Office Remodel?

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You may want to watch the YouTube video if you have a dental office remodel planned for your location. It gives viewers an idea of what to expect from the process. It doesn’t matter how much you plan the remodel on paper; it doesn’t always happen as planned, as various unexpected situations may occur throughout the remodel. You’ll understand the process and how your planning matches the event by watching the video.

Getting Ready For a Remodel

It may be best to close the office down while the contractors get to work. It will cause fewer disruptions and get the project completed sooner.

Video Source

You don’t want to expose your patients to air pollution when contractors cut materials or shift large items around. That’s why it’s best to let your patients know well in advance that you plan to remodel so they can make arrangements for their dental appointments.

Meanwhile, the contractors may be busy for a few days or weeks. During that time, you should ensure adequate bathroom facilities are on site. A porta potty rental in Wichita, KS, can help you make arrangements for the crew members by suggesting the appropriate number of units to have on-site. You want the remodel to go according to plan and for there to be as little disruption as possible.


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