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The Different Options for Teeth Realignment

The video discusses three options people have when they suffer from tooth alignment issues. Nothing is more frustrating than having teeth that won’t stay in alignment. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic technology develops every day. Patients have more options than they ever had in the past.

Traditional braces are one solution that dental patients can consider.

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They’re still one of the strongest alignment correction systems available. They are highly affordable as well. Thus, they make an excellent choice for people who don’t mind having a little metal in their mouths.

Some clients don’t want anyone to know they are wearing braces. There is an option for that class of people as well. Lingual braces are popular because they are as strong as traditional braces in most cases. The difference between those and traditional braces is that the lingual braces go behind the teeth. They are a little more expensive, but they could be worth it for someone who wants to conceal everything.

Invisalign is an option for people who want to be discreet and have the option to remove their corrective devices for a short time. Invisalign is an aligner system that is clear and completely removable to allow the patient to eat and clean his or her mouth thoroughly.

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