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Take These Steps to Protect Your Child’s Teeth and Get Good Dental Care!

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Why dental care is so important!
From the time teeth appear in a child until adulthood and even into old age, getting and practicing good dental care will save you from future pain, problems with eating and sleeping and huge expense to correct problems that develop.

Visit the Dentist Regularly!
As soon as children have teeth, which is usually at around six months of age, that is the time to schedule the first dental care visit for that child. It is recommended by the American Dental Association that within six months of that first tooth appearing in the child’s mouth, he or she should see a dentist for the first visit. The first visits to the dentist for children will teach them the importance of proper oral hygiene for their teeth. They will be shown how to brush their teeth, how to floss and instructed on how often and when to do those practices. The dental hygienist will show the child proper flossing basics. They will discuss tongue cleaning and tongue cleaning products. Also very important, these early visits will give the child a comfort level with going to the dentist and getting dental care so this will become a habit for the future and not something the child fears. Adolescents, young adults and all life long, going to the dentist and getting dental care on a regular basis, usually at least once a year for preventive care, is important to maintain dental health.

Flossing is Very Important Part of Dental Care!
Flossing should begin in early life. Flossing your child’s teeth should begin as soon as he or she has two teeth that touch one another. Not many people are fond of flossing, it takes a few additional minutes in addition to brushing your teeth and many people are apt to skip this step. However brushing your teeth is only part of good oral hygiene and only cleans about 70% of your teeth. Good dental health includes flossing to clean the other 30% of the tooth area. Using dental floss or floss picks, you can clean the area between your teeth not reached by brushing and therefore prevent cavities and decay in those areas.

Prevent Gum Disease to Save your Teeth!
Early stage gum disease or gingivitis is a likely result of not practicing good dental care and especially flossing. Proper flossing works between the teeth and under the gum line to help prevent gingivitis. Also regular visits to your dentist with the dental cleaning done by the dental hygienist will help to keep your gums healthy. More than 75% of the population in this country is affected by gum disease. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, regular flossing and regular visits to the dentist are all aspects of good dental care and will protect you from gum disease.

Consider dental sealants for young children to prevent decay and cavities!
Dental sealants are applied to the back molars of school-aged children and adolescents to protect the deep crevices in the back molars and prevent decay. Sealants last for a number of years and can be reapplied after that time if the dentist determines there is still a need for the sealants. However in children ages six to 11, only approximately 30% have sealants. Do you want to protect and preserve your child’s permanent molars? Find a good dentist who offers dental sealants for adolescents.

Will Your Child Need Braces?
After your child loses most or all of his or her baby teeth and the permanent teeth are in place, your dentist will be able to tell you if you should visit an orthodontist and check into braces – are they needed or will your child’s teeth and bite be appropriate to avoid future dental problems. If your child does get braces on their teeth, proper teeth and braces cleaning becomes so much more important. Braces get in the way and special cleaning and flossing techniques are needed to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy while the braces are in place.

You and your family will benefit in many ways from good dental care and practicing good dental hygiene every day.

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