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Oral Cancer: Facts, Treatments, and Symptoms

Oral cancer consists of cancer in the teeth, gums, lips, tongue, cheeks, and other places throughout the mouth. When diagnosed early enough, oral cancer can be treated but, if gone unaddressed, it can quickly become life-threatening. This is one reason why finding the best dental clinic for your needs is so important when it comes the health of your mouth.

Older adult males are more likely to get oral cancer than any other group of people. People who get it will typically be older than 55, and it is often found in people who smoke regularly and drink heavily. Avoiding these habits will decrease your likelihood of getting oral cancer significantly.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

If you are concerned that you might have oral cancer, there are some common signs and symptoms you can keep an eye out for. General swelling or erosion in the mouth may indicate there is an issue, as well as sores, lumps, and discolored patches.

Experiencing bleeding or numbness and you are not sure why? This is another sign that a bigger issue is present. Take note of any soreness, difficulty chewing, ear pain, and weight loss, as well.

All in all, if you are concerned you might be at risk, contact your dental office right away. A good dentist will be able to diagnose any symptoms and offer you the quality dental care you deserve.

How to Treat It

Have you been officially diagnosed with oral cancer? Well, first of all, finding the best dental clinic for your situation is important when it comes to treatment. Talk with the top dentists in your area to learn about the best options for proceeding forward.

The survival rate in oral cancer is considerably high, so treatment options are definitely something to look into. Visiting a dental clinic to discuss the best course of action is recommended. They will suggest treatments that are similar to other forms of cancer, such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Avoiding Oral Cancer

Looking for ways to avoid oral cancer down the line? As stated above, avoiding excessive drinking and smoking is an excellent step to take. You will also want to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet and limit exposure to the sun, as it has been known to increase your chances of experiencing cancer on your lips.

Along with this, be sure to visit your dentist regularly. It is recommended to visit your dental clinic twice per year to ensure your teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible.

Contact a Specialist Today

What are you waiting for? Do some research and locate the best dental clinic in the area, so you can address any and all of your concerns right away. It is time to get the care and attention you deserve. You owe it to yourself and your family, so get in touch with a specialist today.

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