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Good Habits Are a Must for Oral Health

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In the United States, dental illnesses cause more than 20 million missed work days. In order to help remedy dental problems that keep people out of work and from completing everything they need to get done in a day, the ADA American Dental Association was founded in 1859. Since then, it has helped to make sure that the dental care Americans receive is of the highest quality and able to either prevent or treat problems. Though cavities are quite popular, and about a fifth of all people in the United States and Europe get at least one every year, the types of problems that the ADA helps to prevent and fix are virtually limitless.

Perhaps the scariest of all oral health problems is oral cancer, which is diagnosed in more than 34,000 Americans every year. Unfortunately, even the best treatments provided by American dental care professionals might not be good enough to prevent cancerous cells from forming. Cancer is dangerous because it can be unpredictable and sometimes appears to develop out of nowhere, but there are also several habits that people have that increase their risk. For instance, chewing tobacco is often responsible for mouth cancer. So though there are lots of ADA American Dental Association certified professionals who can help, having good habits is a must to prevent certain problems.

This holds true when it comes to less serious problems like tooth decay. Though heading to the dentist every year is always good to get cleanings and try to identify any problems before they get too serious, preventing tooth decay is something that people can work on without professional help. Dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day to make sure that decay does not develop, but mouthwash and flossing properly can also be quite beneficial. Using them regularly can help prevent cavities and decay and go a long way towards avoiding visits to the dentist.

Unfortunately, children are often the ones who need the most help when it comes to oral care. Estimates from the CDC suggest that half of the kids in the United States develop tooth decay by the time they are in third grade, and 20% of those that are four or five years old have decay. This means that parents, dentistry assistants, and ADA American Dental Association certified dentists alike all must be sure to instill good habits in kids. Getting them to be responsible early on can lead to a lifetime of oral health.

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