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Dental Sedation Might Be in Your Future to Maintain Your Oral Health


Smiling is a great communication device. A great deal of our communication from person to person is actually nonverbal, and a genuine smile is a great way to break the ice and start the conversation, whether that conversation ends up containing words or not. Smiling can be an expression of joy, contentment, friendliness, and any number of other pleasant sentiments. Simply the act of smiling can make a person feel better. If everyone proudly boasted that beautiful smile of theirs as often as possible, chances are we could make some significant positive changes in the world almost immediately.

However, as is the case with many great ideas toward positive progress, there are obstacles. In this case, one of those obstacles come in the form of insecurity. There are far too many people who are unhappy with their smiles, and of those who are rather content with their own grins, too many people doubt the power they possess simply by turning up the corners of their lips. When it comes to the doubts, it is an issue for society to address. As for the insecurity issue, that is often a job for the dentist.

It may be time to find a dentist near you

Most of us grow up learning about how important it is to brush and floss our teeth frequently. Later on, we learn that oral hygiene and dental health are significant factors in your overall health. Gum disease or other dental and oral issues can point to bigger problems, indicating a problem with your overall health. And yet, with all of this knowledge, there is a serious lack of personal dental care in this country. About 100 million Americans fail to visit their dentist every year, when they should have had a couple of visits over the course of those 12 months, at least for a cleaning or a checkup. Instead, many individuals wait an average of three years between visits to the dentist’s office. A staggering 75% of people don’t replace their toothbrushes as frequently as is recommended. With the lack of diligence regarding personal dental hygiene, one would guess that people simply don’t care what happens to their teeth and gums.

However, one of the most common nightmares involves teeth falling out. Nearly 100% of adults believe that a bright and happy, healthy smile is socially critical. Almost two thirds of adults across the country believe that an unattractive smile, or what they consider to be so, can do damage to their careers or professional opportunities. So why the disparity in expectation and action? It could have to do with a common fear of dentists, especially if a visit requires dental sedation, surgery, or uncomfortable or painful procedures. Some people consider having another person’s hands in their mouth for an extended amount of time to be uncomfortable enough.

A visit to the dentist really isn’t that bad

Oral procedures that require dental sedation can be a bit scary, or at least cause some anxiety or apprehension. But dental sedation is not always required, and it is important to maintain those regular visits, especially if you value your teeth and want to hang on to them as long as possible. And don’t forget that a visit to your dentist can result in a smile that you will feel more confident flashing about. Whether you need to go get your fillings checked out or you want to explore teeth straightening options or what it will take to get whiter teeth, your dentist really is on your side and can help you out with that.

Dental sedation or not, your visit to the dentist’s office is important. For your oral health as well as your overall health, make it a priority to maintain a routine of stopping by every six months or so. Your future self will thank you with a big, beautiful smile.

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