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Are You Considering Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

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Healthy smile

The transformation was significant.
Seeing your youngest daughter every day it was not initially easy to see the changes that were going on once she got her braces. And the fact that your oldest daughter was away for college made the growing similarities between the two girls a little more difficult to notice. When both girls were home for the summer, however, the transformation was easier to see. After only nine months in braces, your younger daughter now looked exactly like her older sister. In fact, several of the photos you took of the two of them and posted on your social media page got huge responses. “It is difficult to tell them apart any more.” “Your younger daughter does not look so little any more.”
And while part of the transformation had to do with the fact that your younger daughter had grown nearly two inches during her first year in high school, the bigger change was in her face. Difficult to tell when the two girls were hundreds of miles away once your college freshman went to school, but the thing that really made the sisters look so much alike was their faces. Some how, in addition to repositioning her teeth, it almost appeared like the shape of her face changed as well when the braces were put on.
The transformation that children make when they get braces can be significant, but so too can the changes that take place for adults who have dental work like porcelain veneers put on their teeth. Not surprisingly, 96% of adults believe an attractive smile has the ability to make a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex. As a result, many people are take steps to improve their smile.
Teeth Whitening Services and Other Procedures Help Patients Create a Healthy Smile
Today’s dentistry industry offers a variety of cosmetic services as well as the traditional dental care necessities. Although dental patients one or two generations ago may have only gone to the dentist for healthy teeth check-ups and fluoride treatments, today’s dental offices provide a number of optional cosmetic offerings as well. Porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, 6 month braces, and functional bridges all work to improve a dental patient’s appearance.
While braces are often considered a dental treatment for teenagers, a growing number of adults seek them as a solution to teeth that were not straightened when they were younger. In fact, some brace products are nearly invisible and fit over teeth like a mouth guards. Created individually for every patient, these invisible braces are often able to realign teeth in a much shorter period of time.
Porcelain veneers are another product that can greatly improve a patient’s appearance. These very thin, individually made shells are designed to cover the enamel of a single tooth or all teeth. Perfectly matched to the color of the other teeth in your mouth, these porcelain veneers can cover a darkening tooth or improve the look of all of a patient’s teeth.
Are You in Need of Emergency Dental Care?
Even when precautions are taken, accidents happen. And while dental accidents can happen to people of all age, 80% of all dental accidents happen to the front teeth of children. For example, helmets and mouth guards are popular forms of protection. Once an accident has happens, getting emergency care immediately is very important. A broken tooth can expose a nerve and cause a great deal of pain. In addition, further damage to the mouth can occur from a rough and broken tooth.
A healthy set of teeth can last a person a lifetime. Teeth that are cared for, however, can cause a lifetime of pain or even a lifetime of embarrassment. And while many children start with healthy dental habits, some of those good practices go by the wayside by the time those children become adults. Unfortunately, even the best dental care during childhood cannot keep teeth healthy forever. Regular appointments throughout life are important if a person wants to have a healthy and confident smile.
The fact that 33% of all American adults wait as long as three years between appointments is the reason that 18% of them indicate that they conceal their teeth when they smile, especially for a photograph.
How is your smile?

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