American Dental Care Dental An Interview with Boldt Dental Owner Michael R. Boldt, DMD

An Interview with Boldt Dental Owner Michael R. Boldt, DMD

Michael R. Boldt, DMD, is the owner and head dentist at Boldt Dental in Medford, Oregon. Read on to discover more about his educational journey, what led him to start his practice, and the steps he took to make sure that he was ready for a life of meeting the needs of his patients.

What can you tell us about your business?

Boldt Dental started in 1986 with the mission to be committed to providing excellent care, appropriate for our patients’ circumstances, in an atmosphere of sincere compassion, honesty, integrity and humor.

Sounds like you take pride in providing a great atmosphere for your patients.

I enjoy helping people. Determining what is happening and why, as well as doing the right treatment to help solve problems, is very enjoyable. I have always treated patients as I would want to be treated, and it seems to be working well.

Becoming a dentist requires a lot of education. What was yours like?

I have always wanted to be a dentist since growing up in Salem, Oregon. I did my undergraduate degree at Oregon State University and then OHSU School of Dentistry in Portland.

Did the education end there, or did you continue to take steps to prepare yourself for this kind of career?

Graduating from dental school at OHSU school of Dentistry was really just the beginning. I have taken advanced training courses all over the country, including the LD Pankey Institute, Orognathic Bioesthetics International and most recently I have achieved “Mentor” status at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington.

Michael R. Boldt is the head dentist and owner of Boldt Dental, which has been helping to meet the needs of its customers for over 27 years. Those who are interested in learning more about this practice and the services that it can provide are encouraged to visit online at, or call 541.772.7256. Local residents can visit in person at 922 East Main Street, Medford, OR 97504.

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