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3 Most common types of cosmetic dental procedures

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Bayside new york white fillings

Our eyes may be the mirror to our soul but it is our smile that greets the world. Now, if you are among the many people who think that you can have a better smile with better teeth, then what you need is a good New york cosmetic dentist. A simple teeth whitening can significantly improve the way your teeth looks. As for teeth straightening, there is invisalign. Of course you do not have to have every cosmetic procedure all at the same time. More likely you do not need all of them. So to know which ones will give you the best smile, here are the most common cosmetic procedures today.

First is teeth whitening. Many of us do not realize that bright teeth means bright smile. This is because bright teeth can literally transform a lifeless smile into the most natural and heartfelt one. With Bayside New York whitening, you can have a bright smile without spending too much. With a good Bayside New York whitening dentist, together you can plan for a gradual whitening. The Bayside New York whitening dentist for example may start with the upper teeth then proceed with the lower set later on. A good Bayside New York whitening may even find ways so that the main treatment will be on the ones that show then provide you with bleaching agent that you can use at home. Most especially with a good Bayside New York whitening dentist, you will be required only to occasional treatment as maintenance. This is of course less expensive. What you need therefore is to find a good Bayside New York whitening or cosmetic dentist.

Second, is veneers. Veneers are designed to cover the front surface of the teeth. They are actually customized shells that are made to have the same color as the tooth. They are generally made from porcelain which are then placed and attached to the surface of the teeth. It is now possible to have invisible restoration of teeth because dental composites can now be made from wide range of tooth colors.

Third is invisalign. On the average, cosmetic dentistry patients spend up to $6,000. These are on procedures that are aimed at improving their smile. One of these is invisalign, which is very popular among adults who do not want to wear braces that are highly associated with kids and teens. However, with the right Bayside New York invisalign, you may not have to spend as much.

All in all, whether you are looking for Bayside New York porcelain crowns or Bayside New York white fillings or New york porcelain veneers, you have to find a reputable cosmetic dentist. For example in the case of invisalign, if your problem is just one crooked tooth, a good cosmetic dentist will recommend that you should have veneers instead because it will be cheaper to have veneer on one tooth than to pay for an invisalign which is for ideal for several crooked teeth.

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