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Things You Need to Know About Getting Braces

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Many Americans will have braces at some point in their lives. Braces are a great way to give yourself that perfect smile. In this video, you will learn several things that you should know about getting braces.

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The first thing you should no is that getting braces is not painful. Some people may even start to doze off. However, cheek retractors can be a little uncomfortable. To make this more bearable, you should use chapstick ahead of time to keep their lips from getting dry. It also may feel a little weird once the cheek retractor is removed. This is because the your lips are not used to closing around the braces which extent the teeth out a little farther. With a little time, this will not be an issue. The next thing you need to know is that braces may cause sore spots in your mouth or lips. For example, the braces may catch on your cheek, causing a small cut. Therefore, you should buy some wax balls to stick on the braces and some topical numbing gels to treat the cuts. You can also expect some discomfort with your teeth themselves for a few hours after every adjustment. Tylenol is a good solution to this. You should also eat before your visit as it may be painful for a few hours afterwards.


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