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What is a mini dental implant

Cosmetic dental procedures have come a long way over the last 25 years or so. No only are braces practically invisible, but dental mini implants can give you a new tooth in just a couple of hours. Patients with severe dental issues can even opt for full dental implants over traditional dentures. It’s actually difficult to believe that modern toothbrushes have only been around for about since the late 1930s.

Before the first toothbrush with nylon bristles was invented in 1938, toothbrushes were made with celluloid handles and animal bristles. As modern toothbrushes continue to evolve through countless innovations, the typical design now contains approximately 25,000 bristles, which are grouped into 40 tufts.

While different toothbrush designs might make thorough brushing a little bit easier, the technique is the same for every toothbrush. Therefore, just because you fancy toothbrush boasts a “new and improved” angled neck and height-adjusted bristles does not mean that you no longer have to brush for as long. Dentists recommend that people brush for at least two minutes, twice per day; but say that brushing for three minutes, three times a day is best.

Another crucial part of routine dental maintenance is replacing your toothbrush regularly, no matter what kind of toothbrush you use. According to WebMD, dentists agree that you should never use the same one for more than three to four months. If the bristles on your current toothbrush appear to be severely curved or frayed, you should replace it immediately. Even though color indicators and replacement timelines help, a visual inspection of your toothbrush’s bristles always trumps either of those.

In addition to regular toothbrush replacement, rinsing your toothbrush in warm water after brushing will reduce the risks for the growth of bacteria. It is also important to all your toothbrush to dry before using it again. This is because moist bristles encourage bacterial growth.

Although it is always best to make every effort to keep the teeth with which you are born, it is good to know that cosmetic dentistry costs are more affordable than ever. This is not to say that cosmetic dentistry costs are cheap, but many of today’s top dentists now offer convenient payment plan to help their patients manage the cost. Now almost anyone with decent dental insurance can have the smile they’ve always wanted.
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