Fighting Tooth Decay


Individuals and families are concerned about dental hygiene and finding the right dentist. No one wants to let tooth decay knowingly rob them of their healthy teeth. Finding the best dentist for you and your family is one of the most important things you will ever do. Try to find a dentist nearby that is qualified as a pediatric dentist to take care of the whole family.

The American Dental Association has suggested that parents educate themselves about how to maintain the health of their teeth in between dental visits. As much as sports drinks cause tooth decay, researchers found that exposure to energy drinks such as Rockstar, Monster, and Red Bull resulted in twice as much enamel loss as exposure to sports drinks such as Powerade, Gatorade, and Propel (3.1 to 1.5%). Also, one 2012 study in the Journal of Pediatric Dentistry found that more than 65 percent of parents using bottled water did not know what levels of fluoride it contained.

Many children and older individuals have dental phobias or are afraid of dentists. As dental professionals like those at Smilez Pediatric Dental Group have gained advanced training in the proper ways to employ and monitor the use of pediatric dental sedation, its practice is becoming more widespread. As many as 250,000 pediatric dental sedations are performed each year.

If you have just moved to a new area, seek dental information from neighbors since they will usually be established as patients in dental clinics. Also, ask your can ask family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers for their recommendations. You can also ask your family doctor or local pharmacist for suggestions. Contact your local or state dental society. The ADA provides a list of local and state dental societies on its web site, Your local and state dental societies also may be listed in the telephone directory under “dentists” or “associations.”

The ADA suggests calling or visiting more than one dentist before selecting one. You will be better inclined to return on schedule to fight tooth decay with a dentist that you like and one that is qualified to treat the whole family. Having proper and excellent dental services with pediatric dentists is the best way to fight tooth decay.

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