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Ditch Those Dentures and Consider Implants

family dentistThere’s nothing like a nice smile. Beautiful, healthy teeth make you look and feel better. If that’s not enough, consider this. If you’re looking to attract a potential mate, your smile can help. An attractive smile is an appealing feature for 96% of adults.

Sometimes things happen that cause us to lose our teeth. Untreated cavities, periodontal disease, and injuries can all cause teeth to fall out. These conditions are only getting worse, especially periodontal disease, which tends to increase with age. In fact, periodontal disease affects more than 70% of adults 65 years and older.

Most Americans are missing teeth. In the next 15 years, the number of people who are missing one or more teeth will increase to more than 200 million individuals. To deal with this condition, some will have dentures made.

In the past, dentures were the only option to regain missing teeth. Those times have changed. Cosmetic dentistry has surged in popularity over the past decade. You can now replace missing teeth with implants. Your family dentist has options that fit your needs and budget.

While implants can be costly – $1,000 or more each – they offer a variety of benefits. Unlike dentures, they look and feel just like real teeth. They are very comfortable because they stay in place, just like your real teeth. They don’t move around and fall out of your mouth, causing you embarrassment. They also work better than dentures, so you can eat all your favorite foods. Implants are easy to care for. Just brush and floss them regularly.

Dental implants can also improve your confidence. Do you always hide your smile? Are you embarrassed to go out in public because of your less than ideal teeth? If so, dental implants are a great way to invest in self-confidence. With implants, nobody will know they’re not real. So you can smile with confidence and enjoy social activities with friends and family.

If you’re among the 99.7% of Americans who believe that a healthy smile is important, you’ll want to discover the many benefits of cosmetic dentistry. From implants to whitening, your family dentist has many tricks to help you get the smile of your dreams.

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