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Do you know that females make up more than 65% of all cosmetic dentistry patients? This statistic can be misleading, because it makes it seem like women care more about their appearance than men. To the contrary, more men than ever are focusing on how they look, and that has now gone beyond trying to get as “pumped” as possible at their local gyms.

Since accidents and sports are the most common contributing factors when it comes to tooth loss in people under the age of 35, it is reasonable to assume that more young men underwent cosmetic dental work for tooth loss than teeth whitening. While it is always dangerous these days to generalize based upon any kind of human difference, the above contention is merely an educated guess that is based upon official statistics.

Regardless of what the numbers show about men’s attitudes toward dental cosmetics in the past, more men and women are choosing to undergo cosmetic dental procedures than ever. What is the reason for this? To be honest, there really is no single reason to explain why more people are choosing cosmetic teeth surgery. Since the sedation dentists use really isn’t that different than 10 years ago, it probably has to do with either more affordable cosmetic dentistry costs or better procedures.

Whether you are talking about dental mini implants, full dental implants, dental veneers, or teeth whitening, today’s cutting edge cosmetic dentistry procedures can be done faster and more affordably than ever before. When you combine improved dental technologies with the standard sedation dentists use, even the more invasive cosmetic dental procedures are rarely less comfortable than a root canal or filling.

If you have ever considered investing in dental cosmetic surgery, but have been reluctant to do so, you should probably get in touch with a good cosmetic dentist. Given the fact that most procedures are faster and more affordable than ever before, you might just discover that the right time is the present.

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