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American Dental Care A Success Story

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American dental care goes back a long way. This is not surprising. After all, the dental care america provides is hardly older than the dental care that went on historically for millennia before. Dental care probably originated in Ancient Egypt, as archaelogical finds indicate that they used tooth powder to take care of their teeth.

However, American dental care has grown much more advanced in the past years for reasons which few people recognize. And it is for this reason that it will probably continue to be an important part of the lives that people live.

American dental care began in coastal cities like Boston, New York and Philadelphia and it moved inward. But what is most significant about it is that, over the years, it has continuously grown more advanced and interesting. It is for this reason that American dental care is not nearly as feared as it once was.

The introduction of ether might have shown the world the first anesthesia, and it made such things as tooth extraction more common. However, this is hardly the most significant development in the last 150 years. Around the turn of the century, most people over 40 probably had no teeth at all. Today, it is rare for them to be missing any teeth.

The ability to hold on to their teeth has greatly enhanced the longevity of people, as it has increased their satisfaction in allowing them to eat what they like and in that the food that they eat does not do damage to their internal organs. It is for this reason that American dental care can typically be viewed as a significant success.

American dental care might not be the only success story in American history, but, if nothing else, it says much which is positive about American society that there are often Americans who can go through live without having any cavities at all.

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