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Saving Smiles Which Dental Procedure is Best for You?

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Did you know that over half of Americans believe that a smile is the number one feature to stay most attractive as we age? This comes as no surprise; healthy smiles make people seem more attractive, happy, and appealing, and make individuals feel more cosmetic too. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that occur which take that healthy, beautiful smile away from people: accidents can knock out or chip teeth; bad habits can go on for too long so that decay, yellowing, or tooth loss occurs; or people are born with missing or crooked teeth, or other genetic factors that affect oral health. Regardless of how it happened, a cosmetic blight in the smile can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Here are the options you have to leave your cosmetic dentistry office with a grin full of pearly whites.
Crowns. Dental crowns are basically a tiny cap that is settled down over your existing tooth. You may choose crowns to cover a handful of teeth that are decaying, black or