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Ask Your Family Dentist About How They Can Help You

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Family dentist federal way

The American Dental Association notes that our earliest records of a dental professional is an inscription on the tomb of Hesy-Re, a scribe in Egypt who died in 2600 BCE. The inscription noted Hesy-Re as “the greatest of those who deal with teeth.” Your modern dentist may not go down in history as being “the greatest,” but there’s a good chance that they are better at their jobs than you realize. A lot of people think that a dentist’s primary purpose is to clean teeth and fill cavities, but the truth is that they are capable of much more. Here is how a family dentist can help you with your sensitive teeth, halitosis, finding a great cosmetic dentist, or sleep apnea.

Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth can be a real detriment to enjoying food and drink, especially when the sensi

Give Your Kids the Gift of Healthy Teeth

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How to keep teeth healthy

Half of all Americans don’t receive the regular dental care they need to maintain a healthy mouth. In fact, only 61% of Americans ages 18-64 have been to the dentist in the past year. With so many adults neglecting their oral health, it can seem like even more of an uphill battle to instill our children with the habits and sensibility to care for their teeth and gums. If you’re worried about your children’s teeth, here are some great ideas to get them on the right track.

  • Start a Routine
    General dentistry experts in the American Dental Association recommend that everyone brush