Experience a High Level of Satisfaction by Becoming a Certified Dental Assistant

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There are a variety of highly-valued professions within the United States. Dentistry, for example, is considered to be within the top ten of the most trusted and ethical professions. In addition to becoming a dentist, the position of certified dental assistant is also a meaningful and valued career path.

The Position of Certified Dental Assistant

A recent survey revealed that 95% of the certified dental assistants indicated that this position was a career rather than just a job for them. Furthermore, 89% of the individuals certified by the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB) stated that they experienced a high level of satisfaction with their work. Survey results also showed that 70% of the individuals that held a certification from the DANB have received raises within their current positions.

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Since you’re searching for a meaningful career, have you considered becoming a certified dental assistant